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horoskop hari ini-09/11

The Bottom Line

You may feel like you're in a fog early today, but it will burn off eventually!

In Detail

You might feel like you're walking around in a fog early in the day, but that is just because it's going to take your energy a little bit longer than usual to warm up this morning. Try to put off more important or detail-oriented tasks toward the end of the day if you can. The morning is still a great time for some socializing and building up the personal relationships you have[aku rasa macam lawak je bila sentuh pasal relationship ni.hahaha]. Catch up on the latest news in a coworker or friend's life[ntahlah most cite yang aku dengar pasal kawan- kawan aku dulu macam semuanya chaos je.hahaha]. It's a great way to boost your energy [ bukan menaikkan semangat aku malah makin down ada].

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